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Philips CPAP Machine Recall

Recalled Philips CPAP Machine

If you’reĀ  Searching Philips CPAP Machine Recall Lawsuit what to do. The company recently announced a recall for this sleep apnea machine, and a new repair program will begin this week. However, you must remember that this program could take up to a year to complete. Philips suggests that the problems with the foam may be due to improper sanitizing. High humidity and high temperatures may cause these problems to intensify.

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The FDA is pursuing a full refund for people who’ve been affected by a Recalled Philips CPAP Machine. Although this is a rare remedy, it may help the victims of a recalled CPAP machine. Although it’s hard to imagine how Philips could have missed the warning sign, the company is looking to rectify the situation. After all, they didn’t want their customers to get hurt, did they?

If you are a victim of a Recalled Philips CPAP Machine, you can pursue compensation for your damages. To begin the process, contact a product liability attorney with experience in handling similar cases. Remember that experience is important. The sooner you file a civil lawsuit against Philips, the better. Contact Morgan & Morgan today to discuss the process and your rights. You can get a free case evaluation from them.

Despite the risk associated with a Recalled Philips CPAP Machine, the FDA does not have sufficient information to say whether or not a certain model of this device caused cancer in patients. To be sure, it is important to read the recall’s safety instructions before using any Recalled Philips CPAP Machine. You may also wish to contact your health care provider if you have concerns about a Recalled Philips CPAP Machine.