Aqua Research Limited – A New Zealand Venture

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AQUITY TRADING Limited is a New Zealand limited company started on 9th April 1996. This company primarily runs in mineral water marketing industry within the manufacturing industry. According to the Companies register this company exists as a Private Limited entity with shareholdings in several major mining and petroleum companies. This company has been granted an application to start a New Zealand limited company by the Office of the Secretary of State in Wellington. The company has applied to have its offices in Christchurch, Auckland, Queenstown, and Hokitika.

How to Know About Aqua Research Limited – A New Zealand Venture

As expected this company is focused on several fields of Natural Gas which include Marcellus and Liquefied Petroleum, but also looks at other areas as well. Aqua Research focuses more on developing gas transportation infrastructure projects for liquefied petroleum. It also looks into finding methods to save on energy consumption through various methods such as optimizing processes such as the use of machines instead of people to process various chemical reactions and converting gases to other forms of energy. They also focus on the feasibility and benefits of using hydrogen to power vehicles. Although, they are looking into several other alternative methods such as solar panels and wind turbines in order to develop new ways of producing electricity.

Although, the company is engaged in many commercial activities currently, it is still holding onto its primary objective which is to discover more about the living ocean environment through scientific research. This company has hired several researchers from all over the globe to build their team and continue their work. Several of these researchers hold prestigious degrees in marine biology, ecology and zoology among others. Through the efforts of aqua research, this New Zealand based company is gearing up to be a world leader in the field of marine research.

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