A Look at the liondesk Review, and How it Compares to Other Real Estate Software Solutions

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We recently conducted a Liondesk review and were surprised at the positive comments and feedback we received. It seems that the software is really useful for both mobile app and e-brochure publishers as well as the real estate agents who have integrated it into their marketing programs. The lion desk CRM solution offers a mobile app and e-brochures integration as well as integration to an existing CRM database. This enables agents to have a single platform for managing their contacts, responding to leads, and creating multiple channels for communication that results in increased efficiency and cost savings.

Customer Relationship Management Integration: How Liondesk Can Help Your Business

One of the best integrations is with Zabasearch, which allows the agents in question to search the MLS, Bing, Google, Yahoo! local, and other search engines. This eliminates many wasted searches that would not result in interested buyers or clients. Another positive feature is that it automatically updates the listings on the computer with new properties that are added to the system so that there is always fresh content available for the agents to view and respond to.

One area that has been identified as a shortcoming in previous Liondesk review articles is that the software lacks any all-inclusive solutions for multi-listing properties. When agents manage more than one list with Liondesk, they often get frustrated with the slow response time from the software to handle multi-listings. Since agents can manage all of these through one application, the response time should not be an issue when dealing with multiple listings. This is a small but important limitation that the all-in-one solution should correct. It is also important to note that although the software has a large database, it does not offer any custom widgets or other add-ons. These, too, would be nice additions for those who wish to manage several listing types, but not all of them.

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